Portrait of Shoilee Khan

Shoilee Khan

Professor, Sheridan College / Professeur, Sheridan College

Shoilee Khan teaches English in the School of Communication and Literary Studies at Sheridan College. She received her MA in English Literature from the University of Toronto and her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Guelph. Her fiction has appeared in a diverse collection of magazines and journals, including Adbusters, Room Magazine, The New Quarterly, and Other Voices. Most recently, she was a participant in the 2015 Banff Writing Studio at the Banff Centre for the Arts, is serving as a member of the Planning Committee for the Festival of Literary Diversity, and is the host and curator of the Bluegate Reading Collective, a reading series in Mississauga featuring emerging and established writers of poetry and prose.

Shoilee Khan enseigne l’anglais à la School of Communication and Literary Studies, au collège Sheridan. Elle a reçu sa maîtrise en littérature anglaise de l’Université de Toronto et sa maîtrise ès arts en écriture créative de l’Université de Guelph. Ses œuvres de fiction ont été publiées dans divers magazines et journaux, y compris Adbusters, Room Magazine, The New Quarterly, et Other Voices. Plus récemment, elle a été participante au 2015 Banff Writing Studio du Banff Centre for the Arts. Elle est membre du comité de planification du Festival of Literary Diversity, et elle hôtesse et conservatrice du Bluegate Reading Collective, une série de lecture, à Mississauga, qui présente des auteurs de poésie et de prose, de la relève et établis.